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Blonde bombshell who is top Vladimir Putin guard wins Russian army beauty contest – World News


One of Vladimir Putin’s top guards has been voted as the most beautiful female fighter in the Beauty of the National Guard pageant.

Gun-toting mum-of-one Anna Khramtsova is part of a hand-picked military unit that reports directly to the Kremlin leader.

The blonde 31-year-old said she likes to match her manicure to her gun and ‘serves stylishly’ within the 340,000-strong Russian National Guard, set up by Putin.

She said she has had to fight sexism within her role, and she only decided to enter the beauty contest after pressure from colleagues.

Gun-toting mum-of-one Anna Khramtsova is part of a hand-picked military regime that reports directly to the Kremlin leader

She said she only decided to enter the beauty contest after pressure from colleagues


But now she has been voted as the most beautiful female guard by nearly 60,000 Russians.

“I do get to hear those old jokes about blonds in service, but I ignore them – and just serve stylishly,” she said.

She is from a military and law enforcement family, with her father in the army and police for 30 years and her mother also in uniform.

“I am proud to continue the dynasty,” said Anna, from Yekaterinburg, revealing she had previously served in the police and has a law degree.

Finalist Lieutenant Karina Shmakova from Grozny

Yefreytor Kristina Tsyganova from Rostov on Don was among the finalists

Showing her shooting skills, she said: “Most important is to pull the gun out calmly, to aim and breathe out.”

An unnamed male colleague said of the junior officer: “First of all she is a member of the National Guard team, and only then a woman.

“Of course she looks after herself, uses makeup and checks how she looks in the mirror.”

In the gym she was filmed saying: “Right now I am training to take part in a bikini contest.

Anna hit the gym ahead of the contest

She showed off her shooting skills with amazing precision

“I didn’t want to at first, but then colleagues and friends insisted and pushed me into it.”

Servicewomen in the national guard were urged to upload their “best pictures” and biographies for the “photo beauty contest”, with 57,000 Russians taking part in the voting.

Pictures of another dozen finalists will be used in a 2020 calendar for the national guard.

The national guard is the internal military force of the Russian government.

Junior sergeant Anna Piskun from Kirov also competed in he contest

Junior lieutenant Anastasia Budilo from Omsk was among the finalists

It has a mission to secure borders, take charge of gun control, combat terrorism, defeat organised crime, protect public order and guard important state facilities.

The national guard did not give the ages of the other finalists but they were named as:

Junior lieutenant Anastasia Budilo, from Omsk, Major Yulia Gladysheva, from Ivanov, Junior sergeant Natalia Shkolnaya, from Seversk,

Police major Olga Astsaturova from Tula


Major Olga Astsaturova, from Tula, Lieutenant Karina Shmakova, from Grozny, Senior Lieutenant Svetlana Farafonova, from Saratov,

Junior sergeant Olga Sizova, from Moscow, Corporal Kirstina Tsyganova, from Rostov on Don, Major Ekaterina Ermakova, from Moscow,

Junior Sergeant Anna Piskun, from Kirov, Lieutenant Anna Yuldasheva, from Kaliningrad, and Senior Sergeant Victoria Bredikhina, from St Petersburg.

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