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Dad who starved girl, 7, to death and left body to rot could be freed – World News


An evil father who starved his daughter to death and left her body to rot in a squalid room has made a bid to be released from prison.

The dad from Australia – who is only referred to as BW – has served 12 of his 16 year prison sentence after being convicted of killing seven-year-old ‘Ebony’ in 2007.

Shocked authorities at the time branded it one of the worst child abuse cases the country has ever seen.

But the twisted dad could now walk free in November because he is considered “unlikely to re-offend”, according to News.com.au.

Parole officials are holding a private meeting with him to decide whether to grant his release.

He has been locked up since his arrest in 2007, two weeks after Ebony was found dead at the home in Hawks Nest.

He was convicted of manslaughter, while the girl’s mum – named only as SW – was found guilty of murder and sentenced to 40 years behind bars.

The dad – who was convicted of manslaughter – could be freed in November


Both parents admitted they were heavy drug users and struggled to cope with the young girl’s autism diagnosis.

The skeletal remains of Ebony, who weighed just 9kg, were found in a squalid room, which had a strong stench of urine and faeces.

The bedding was also heavily stained with bodily fluids and a rope was tied to the door to stop her coming out.

The girl would have been so malnourished before her death, it is thought she wouldn’t have been able to sit, stand or hold her head up.

Her hair was also matted with dirt and faecal matter, while her face was distorted and eyes sunken.

Ebony was spotted by neighbours in “grubby underwear” staring out the window.

Upon discovery of her body, ants were seen crawling out of her mouth and a forensic pathologist described her as looking “almost like a mummy”.

Photographs taken of Ebony in her bedroom and at the morgue were described by the trial judge as “the most horrific images of a deceased child imaginable”.

Ebony weighed just 9kg – just over 19lbs

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A court previously heard she would have died a “slow and torturous” death.

Dr Edward O’Loughlin, a gastroenterologist, said it would have been days or weeks since she had eaten solid food and in 25 years of treating malnutrition, he had never seen someone so malnourished.

Trial judge Justice Robert Hulme previously said: “In a gross abrogation of his parental responsibility, BW … knew that she was thin and unwell … and yet he displayed no interest in her whatsoever.

“He realised she was being confined to her bedroom.

“Even when locked in that room, the distress that she was in … would have been audible. “BW could not have cared less. A father could show no less love to his child.

“The abject cruelty that had become her existence was of no concern to him.”

The court heard that the dad had been addicted to valium since he was 18 and was taking 25 pills a day.

But Justice Hulme noted he was “obviously capable of driving a car, shopping, paying bills, studying the form guide, placing bets over the internet and engaging in trading on eBay” and could therefore be capable of looking after his daughter.

His application for release to the State Parole Authority will be heard in September, for his possible release by November 16.

SW’s earliest possible release date is November 16, 2037.

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