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Decomposing baby ‘infested with maggots’ dumped in plastic bag on roadside – World News


A decomposing baby “infested with maggots” has been found in a plastic bag dumped on the side of a road in Malaysia.

According to local media, a resident was walking past the area when they noticed a foul stench coming from the roadside.

The dead infant was discovered by a villager in Kampung Dato Syed Nahar outside the town of Kuah in the north-western Malaysian state of Kedah.

The villager said that the bag had been lying next to the road for three or four days and was being ignored by other people.

Locals were said to have avoided approaching the bag for days


When the smell became too strong to ignore any longer, the unnamed villager went to inspect the plastic bag.

Police spokesman Mohd Iqbal Ibrahim told local media: “The person opened the bag and discovered something resembling a baby inside and infested with maggots. The police were then alerted.”

The body in the bag found on the roadside was in an advanced state of decomposition


Following a preliminary investigation, the dead infant’s gender could not be determined due to its advanced state of decomposition, according to reports.

The police said that an autopsy will take place at the Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah in the city of Alor Setar on Friday, local time.

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