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High-speed police chase ends in huge pile-up when fleeing suspect’s car flips into queue of traffic


A speeding car being chased by police ended upside down on top of a queue of waiting vehicle as it tried to evade officers.

The shocking accident took place in the capital city of Kiev, Ukraine and was captured on CCTV and dash camvideos.

It is not known why the driver of a Daewoo Lanos had ignored multiple commands by road police to stop during a routine roadside document check.

Instead the driver started speeding away.

The car ended up on its roof

Several other cars were damaged in the chaos

The situation escalated to the point that he was eventually chased by a number of police vehicles.

At the crossing of Abay Kunanbaev street, the Daewoo reportedly rammed into a police car but still continued driving away.

Eventually the Daweoo driver lost control of his vehicle at a crossing over the Kharkiv Motorway and Trostyanetskaya when he clipped a Ford and was knocked off course.

Local media report that at least four cars were damaged in the crash

The driver was being chased by police

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It collided with a number of cars waiting in the first row at a set of traffic lights.

Local media report that at least four cars were damaged in the crash.

There is no information regarding as to whether anyone was injured in the crash.

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