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Toyah Cordingley murder: Chilling last photos of woman, 24, found dead on beach


These chilling photos are the last to show a 24-year-old woman alive before her father found her murdered on a beach.

The pictures show Toyah Cordingley handing out samples of camel milk to customers at a shop where she worked.

They were posted on social media just hours before the young woman vanished as she walked her dog.

Her body was found on a beach near Cairns, Australia, during a search, and police say she had suffered “visible, violent injuries”.

Ms Cordingley was found dead on Monday morning

Detectives are now hunting the woman’s killer following her tragic death at Wangetti Beach.

Her father Troy, who was leading a search party, made the heartbreaking discovery in sand dunes at about 7.45am on Monday.

Ms Cordingley had gone out to walk her dog on Sunday evening, but she failed to return home and she was reported missing just before 11pm.

The dog was found tied up near her body and unharmed.

The images were posted on social media just hours before Ms Cordingley vanished

The 24-year-old was found dead after going to a beach to walk her dog

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She worked at Barr St Wholehealth Pharmacy and Healthfoods in Earlville.

On Saturday, she was photographed pouring camel milk into cups for customers as she wore a green work shirt with her blonde hair pulled back by a black headband.

The images were posted online on Sunday, just hours before she disappeared.

Queensland police, who are tracing her final movements as part of their search for the killer, said she was also seen at Rusty’s Markets between 12pm and 1pm on Sunday before leaving in a blue Mitsubishi Lancer.

Ms Cordingley and her boyfriend Marco Heidenreich

Ms Cordingley worked at Barr St Wholehealth Pharmacy and Healthfoods

She went home briefly and then drove towards the Northern Beaches at about 1.30pm.

The car was spotted at Clifton Beach half an hour later and then at a car park at Wangetti Beach, one of her favourite spots.

Friends have paid tribute to her online, using words such as “beautiful”, “free spirited” and “lovely” to describe her.

David Jeskie, who knew Ms Cordingley through her boyfriend Marco Heidenreich, told ABC: “Lovely girl, great couple, been together for quite some time, loved each other, loved the outdoors, loved their pets.

“Just a really free-spirited type of girl.”

He said Mr Heidenreich has been left devastated by her death.

The beach is being searched for clues

In addition to a manhunt, police have launched a forensic search for clues in the area where her body was found.

Electronic signs urging people to call in with information or dashcam footage have displayed appeals, with hundreds of tips so far failing to lead to an arrest.

Police have been canvassing nearby homes and asking local residents to voluntarily provide DNA samples to reduce the pool of potential suspects.

Detective Inspector Sonia Smith told reporters: “They’re just elimination samples… purely voluntary.”

She added: “We need to get answers for Toyah’s family.”

The murder was on participants’ minds as about 700 people attended a Reclaim the Night march in Cairns on Friday evening.

Kirby Mitchell, who went to school with Ms Cordingley, told ABC: “It’s a very emotional time for everyone.

“It’s traumatic for a lot of people. It’s not fair that so many people have to be suffering at the moment.”

Local mum Elizabeth Reeves, who brought her four daughters to the march to pay their respects, said: “I wanted the girls to have think about what had happened to her and their own safet.

“Toyah could’ve been me, she could’ve been them, she could’ve been my sister.”

Police are planning to reopen Wangetti Beach on Saturday, but they’ve warned visitors not to touch any potential evidence they may find.

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