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Watch: Practising for the Wheelie World Championships looks like the ultimate adrenaline rush


Speedy riders have been preparing for the Motorcyclist Wheelie World Championship, which will be held this summer.

Why, yes, such a Championship exists – and the premise behind it is as simple as it sounds.

The winner is the rider that travels the fastest doing a wheelie for a kilometre.

Riders prepared for the competition at the media launch day for the event, held at Elvington Airfield.

There were also tests of some weird vehicles – such as a monowheel, a motorised shed and an electric superbike.

ICYMI, here’s that speedy shed again.

And if you’re now just feeling like your day was a bit boring in comparison (same here), this clip gives you an idea of what it must be like to be one of the riders heading to the championships.

Yep, definitely puts any wheelies we tried on our bicycles while hanging out with our mates as a kid to shame.

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