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Woman’s dream holiday ruined after she finds girl asleep in her hotel bed – World News


A woman told how her dream holiday became the break from hell after finding a girl asleep in her and her partner’s hotel room bed.

Ciara and her boyfriend Kevin booked what she described as “the trip of a lifetime to Vegas, Miami and a Caribbean cruise”.

But on the second night of their stay in the four-star hotel Miami, Florida, during the start of their getaway, RSVP Live they made a startling discovery.

Ciara said: “We went to open our door and the door was unlatched. We thought maybe [housekeeping] closed the door too hard. We thought nothing of it.

“My boyfriend tried to open the door but it wouldn’t work. He said ‘Ciara, there’s someone in our bed.’

“There was a girl sound asleep, with my eye mask on her, out cold in our bed.”

The couple booked what they called ‘the trip of a lifetime’ which included a stay in Miami (file image)


Ciara claims the girl was homeless and had somehow sneaked into their hotel to rest.

“We eventually woke the girl up, she came out. I don’t want to sound rude, or pretentious or anything because that’s not the type of person I am but you knew straight away by looking at this girl that she was a) homeless and b) a drug addict,” Ciara added.

Worried the girl may have a knife or a gun, Ciara rushed to reception.

But, while staff refused to call police, they did change the couple’s room for the rest of the stay.

However, Ciara told The Neil Prendeville Show on Red FM : “I always sympathise with homeless people because you don’t know the circumstances.

“My main concern was has she got a knife, has she got a gun? At this point I rushed down to reception and asked for security to see if they could sort out the issue.

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“With all respect to the girl, she’s homeless and that’s very sad, but we don’t know what she had on her. As you can imagine, we were so wound up.

“What happened in the end was we did get a refund from the hotel in Miami.”

Ciara filed a report to police in the Florida city.

She added: “At the end of the day, we sympathise with the girl’s [situation] but there has to be a certain amount of professionalism [when booking holidays.] Our experience we got no professionalism.

“We’re planning next year’s trip already so hopefully we’ve a completely different experience.”

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