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YouTube, Spotify and Snapchat down with ‘thousands of users affected’


YouTube, Spotify and Snapchat are all down for many people with reports of thousands of users affected.

Social media users are taking to Twitter with some saying they ‘don’t know what to do with themselves’ and asking what’s going on in ‘the tech world’.

Others are saying their work is being affected by the apparent issues or complaining they can’t work in silence.

Reports have emerged of videos taking a long time to load and different error messages appearing.

One said: “Why do both Spotify and YouTube have to be down at the exact same time?”

And another simply wrote: “spotify is down nooooo.”

Another tweeted Spotify saying: “Your service is down across all of my devices.

“It is telling me that my internet connection is down, or that I am behind a proxy service, neither of which are true.

“After investigation, this is affecting thousands of users.”

One even tweeted that the three social media sites are ‘down for most of the world’.

“I cannot work for the rest of the day under these conditions,” another wrote online.

A student complained all of her lectures are normally on YouTube.

It is currently unclear exactly which parts of the world are being affected, but many users reporting problems appear to be in the US.

People are tweeting that Snapchat, YouTube and Spotify aren’t working for them (file photo)

A Twitter user in North Carolina said: “I’m guessing others have reported this but my Spotify has been down for about an hour now.

“Getting reports saying I’m not online but my connection is working for everything else. I’m a premium member.”

Another asked: “Is youtube down? buffering and or loading the videos take forever to load .

“I am not getting any error message other than the ‘infinite’ buffer circle.”

Mirror Online has contacted YouTube, Spotify and Snapchat for comment.

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